Wednesday, 04 July 2007


The fourth day of the week
and I'm going to use it to complain once more about the weather and then I'll stop
According to
The definition of complain is:

To express feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment.
To make a formal accusation or bring a formal charge.

I'll share with your our weather forecast(yahoo):
Keep in mind it is Summer.... who says WHAT about global warming??

And have a look at the rest of the week:

  • jipieeee tomorrow is the best day of the week(NOT!): light rain,17degrees
  • Friday is not a good day for an umbrella because of the wind so I'll just cover my head with a plastic bag
  • Saturday is very simple: just rain
  • Wow and Sunday is a supprise day: when and where will the shower be and I'm not talking about a baby shower or something to get clean in!

I don't want you to get drenched in my sarcasm so I'll stop here and go crawl into bed after making myself a cup of coffee and warming up a sugar waffle (as I couldn't find a liaison)

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