Monday, 02 July 2007

Spill the coffee

No it is certainly not a matter of "spill the beans" but the coffee.
It happened twice in 4 hours.
First my husband overthrew the coffee regime on our bed and then
I did it while reading a magazine at the table. So what does this tell me?
To be very careful around the coffee today!
I'll share some pics of a dog who spilled coffee on its coat:

It is the beautiful African Wild Dog. Not very known outside of Africa.
The most successful of African predators but also endangered as they need a large territory.
They are often (I don't know how lol) confused with hyena's if you haven't heard of/seen them before.It is also know as: the Cape hunting dog and the painted wolf (I love this one!)

Every individual has its own unique spots.

Do yourself a favor and read more about them: here!

We've visited a wild animal rehab centre called Moholoholo when we were in South Africa.
Moholoholo ("The Very Great One")
This is where I took the photo's. In the past we have been fortunate enough to see them in the Kruger Park as well. Any questions?
I'll make myself a cup of coffee while you're reading all about these dogs lol!

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