Thursday, 01 May 2008

Making a bean bag animal

A friend has a new born baby girl and I was looking for something to make the elder brother feel special after being the only child for 6 years. As he LOVES dino's my thoughts were directed in this direction.
I thought of crocething one but didn't find a pattern that fancied me, though there are a couple to be found on the internet.

I picked up that he found a swimming dino at a "boot sale" and that was quite a catch, so decided to make him one. I first had to polish up on my dino knowledge as I knew how the swimming ones look like but the name..... so found the one he had on internet: Elasmosaurus.
I drew a pattern and then went in search of dino fabric in my stash. As I have 2 girls it was quite a search. At last I found green and purple checked fab so hope it is boyish and dinoish enough.

As I was cutting the Elasmo I thought it would be nice to stuff it with beans. That would be a little bit less soft for a boy ;-) and more fun.

I've never made a bean animal before so I have no idea what beans to use, does it make a difference. Well, I've found some bean tutorials on may search

of course you can throw the beans into almost anything you'd use fiber fill in I guess, like into this rabbit tutorial

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