Saturday, 31 May 2008

Mommy and baby Dotee swap

I've joined this swap as I'm so pregnant and I love the dotees:
"In honor of Mother's Day, in the month of May, let's do a Mommy and Baby dotee doll swap! You will send your partner one regular sized dotee doll and one mini baby dotee. Dolls don't have to match, and use your creativity! "
I had fun making mine, and I'll show them as soon as my partner received hers. I surely can tell that the partner sending to me had fun too!
On a grey and rainy day my day started colourfull when the first poppy opened!! I've been trying at our previous house to grow them as I just LOVE their exhuberant explosion of colour and flower. My effort didn't pay off as a combination of: drought, husband thinking they're weeds, going away on holiday, etc.
Now as we move to a new house I was wonderfully supprised to see the previous owner shared my love. I couldn't wait for these large buds to open.
Okay I'm trailing off here.
Back to the grey rainy day and after this red poppy supprise mr.Postman dropped a package for me from Germany. Guess what was on one of the stamps.....a poppy. Oooooh look at the contents of the package:

Included was not a mother and one baby but 2 babies!
and they have names:
mom Alice and the babies are Cindy and Amy ;-) ain't that cute! She sent me a piece of flowered fabric too, making the spoiling complete. It was her 2nd dotee swap. Thanx countrys!

This was my try:

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