Saturday, 31 May 2008

Mokume Gane

After a loooong time (I've had a jewelry abstinence it seemed) I wanted to make something to wear for a b-day party of an aunt. Decided to make something bold. I've made the beads with clay at a workshop two years ago and they actually could be varnished which I didn't do.It is made with the Mokume gane technique (marble effect with gold, my photo is not that good) and you can read more here and here you can see a movie tute of the lady where I had the workshop.
The pendant is 5cm and the beads are 2.5cm

I then came to the conclusion I wasn't going to wear blue but hot pink.... well I decided (as it was one hour before party and not dressed yet....)to wear this onebut made a "key chain" to click on, and click off as I fancy

I clicked it onto the large (reaching to my belly button) necklace I made for christmas(
see blog). The "black beads" actually have a reddish glow and the beads are red and cherise coloured.
Perfect and in time!

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