Saturday, 09 January 2010

Knitting ruffles

Yes, on the 2nd of January I've bought myself knitting needles and a great brown/grey alpaca mix of yarn. Yes after 15 years I'm pikcing up the needles again.
I've received in the christmas holidays ruffled yarn from a friend and I was curious to see how one can knit that into something cool. Well I've found a great site for all my knitting questions:
How to knit ruffles

how to join yarn

Have a look at Wonder how to for more great knitting tips shown on video (as well as others)


zofia said...

Good for you Mon :)
That knitting ruffles is new for me, but I am really quite a novice.

monART said...

Well zofia I'm a novice with a capital "N" so I still have to get momentum and the know how. Well one only gets there by trying. Mmm well falling down getting up and trying again.. my knees are a bit muddy with all the falling down lol I think I'm crawling at the moment and hopefully in the right direction lol