Monday, 21 December 2009

I could skin my dog alive and hang it out to dry

Goodmorning all, what a nice morning
well there is just one little dog that should keep a very low profile today or she can invite her family for her funeral herself.

We have a maltese called zizi. Now I'm not really a little dog fan but my mom always have one so I grew up with them. Living in The Netherlands and the small houses her size fitted better anyway. She doensn't like to go out, she doesn't shed, she's fine with the kids, she eats all the food that falls on the floor. I taught her all kinds of tricks like standing up and turning around, and then the sit, lay down, get in your box, etc. and she's very good at just following the direction my finger is pointing when I utter a little grunt. She knows a lot but.....

when she goes outside she attacks every big dog she sees and then she has instant deafness. She doesn't hear me at all. Lol I really get ashamed when she does that. Owners looking at me like "What is this, can't you controll that little thing? It is annoying. Look how good my big dog listens" .The big dogs ignore her and then she thinks she's winning and attacks again with a histerical barking. She grew up with a big dog loving she propably think she's the same size.

ok on the other hand we have a Mastiff (actually a boerboel/mastiff) She's a "puppy" and turns 1 this week. She likes to play.. that is why she's my husbands dog. He got her when I got the baby... (another story)

So this morning when we got up it was the thickest snow I've ever seen in my 11years here. The Netherlands is known for the bad weather and not the nice snow scenes. My husband had to drop the girls at his mother's on his way to work. It was madness here getting all the coats, shawls and gloves. I can tell you sock staying paired are a challenge in this house but gloves and baby shoes are even worse. Baby went out with slippers...They were away and I just turned to make myself my first coffee and enjoy the lovely morning
ahum untill little dog ran out of the house an (try to) charge across deep snow. She attacked a german sheperd. He should've scared her. I'll pay him next time to do that. The poor lady didn't know how to get rid of my dog. I saw it all happen through the window. "What's zizi doing outside?!" Anyway by the time I got through the front door Cinder the mastiff somehow got through the electric fence and charged the whole lot there...eeeeeeek! I think the snow was to thick for the signal?? Anyway luckily she knows the sheperd and thought it was fun the lady shouted at her to go home and she did..?! wow she doesn't listen that great yet. But zizi....

Cinder ran my way and I tackled her to get her to the chain but Cinder thouhgt we were playing in the snow. yeah right. My mom warned me anyway that one always have to be representable and here I was:
post baby figure, skinny pants that shows of my thundering thighs very well, a little sport vest and gym shoes without socks, no lipstick. The snow and saliva of the dog were everywhere on me and in my shoes. I got her chained at last and then zizi had enough lol the snow was to thick for her so she got very tired and came home....

I got iniside and looked like Onslow's wife in "Keeping up appearances".
Luckily for me all the vehicles passing by couldn't stare at me otherwise they would've driven off the road with this snow. Lol hello Monday Morning!

ps. zizi is now sleeping in her basking with one eye closed. One eye on me is determening if I'm going to bag her and ship her to Korea to be eaten in a restaurant. I will not relief her from that thought yet.

pps. Ok ok she'll accumulate credits quickly with me. She is cute by the way.


Nebeula said...

:) that was well written.. enjoyed reading it!

zofia said...

Hehe, Zizi, Zizi!
It is true though, Maltesers are really out there to show how tough they are. We have a Staffy and he is constantly growled and attacked by little white dogs! Through no provocation on his part!
How good is Cinder though?
Do they walk well together?
Hehe, love the story! Especially the Onslow's Wife reference :D

monART said...

lol Zofia thanx for your post. Yes I'm glowing like Rudolph's nose when zizi is out attacking the big dogs and they ussualy just look at her like:"what's the problem hun". Well Cinder and zizi would go good together if zizi would lighten up a bit. Cinder is still sort of a pup and wants to play. Though she's much larger than zizi, zizi does have the ability to outrun with twists and turns. Up untill now she's a bit of a party pooper outside. Inside she's doing great with teh 1 year old. Allowing a gr8 lot of things in return for all the cookies and baby toys she can chew!

Gill - That British Woman said...

that is a great post, we too have a dog who doesn't listen other than when I use "that tone" of voice reserved for you're really in trouble now and you're going to get it!!

Gill in Canada