Friday, 17 September 2010

My baby is TWO

My mom used to make me beautifull cakes for my birthday parties. Very creative and lovely and delicious. I dreamt of making cakes for my kids. Well hello reality. Here in the Netherlands it is a different story. A lot of "I don't eat thats" and a lot of effort for nothing. I ended up eating the cake with my kids. So I've decided to change tactics. All children love cupcakes so that was going to be my show stopper when Avon turned TWO. If you can't beat them..join them. So I went to this terrible shop called Bakfeest ("bakefeast"). If you go in there you just CAN'T LEAVE EMPTY HANDED. The result:
100% succes garanteed


Marietjie Uys said...

Mooi en lekker! Jy het omtrent uitgehang!

monarte said...

Hello monART ... this is Monarte. Hello,
My name is Mona Evanochko. I am an Artist, thus Monarte. I was trying to google my own blog when it connected me with yours. It is so nice to meet another Monart. I love your blog and I will visit you often. I hope you will come over to my Blog and visit... my blog is not about my Art... but Me. I call it "The Art of Living" ... but the url is I too love to sew, and do any craft with my hand. Most of my art is Mosaics and painting, Some pottery. You will read about how I have been a teach for the last 10 yrs. But I am no longer teaching. I am finding a new path. I love the quote you wrote from petra. It is so close to my heart, and life.
Much love to you, and your family.