Monday, 08 September 2008


I just came in running to tell you about a giveaway at this fun-to- read-blog of one of the Crafty Mama's. So go here to her blog "may the cloth be with you" and try your luck too for this overcute-I-want-to-have- it! pincushion.

and..... it is my last day looking like this: as I'm phoning at lunch to hear if I have to check in this afternoon or tomorrow morning at the hospital
for the c-section
on 09-09-08. ...! Why am I typing here anyway??
I have to pack "that suitcase"!


Sara said...

Good luck for tomorrow! Will be thinking of you and your family.

Creamon said...

Sterkte Monique. Ik denk aan je en ben in gedachte bij je ****

Groetjes en veel liefs van Monique