Friday, 05 September 2008


I'haven't posted for quite some time now though I've been quite creative in August and gotten one year older. I've for one made two necklaces, the fist one I've crocheted with wooden beads and added silver leaves (measuring 96cm all around), making it look like a vineyard in fall. The other one was made in a more African theme with glass beads and measuring 52cm (possibility to lengthen or shorten a couple of cms). For more photo's of these pieces have a look at my flickr photo's
I've also been working on orders crocheting applications and painting panels for pillows, did a couple of swaps by making ATC's and dotee's.
No I have to ease up a bit with the creative juices and the reason is of course to be seen top right on my blog ;-)

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Creamon said...

Schitterend Monique vooral de eerste vind ik het einde. Met die bladjes en zo. Ik ben natuurlijk een natuurfan :-)

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