Friday, 10 October 2008

drawstring bag

I needed a b-day gift for dd7's friend. As I've already given her with a previous birthday a personalised painting I had to think of somthing else. Something personalised (I like that) and not to intensive to make as I have a time pressure at the moment with a couple of orders and of course wee baby of 1 month.

I let dd draw an animal, paint it with textile paint and then I've made a drawstring bag from it 45cx45cm using orange fabric with white dots. I googled and find this perfect drawstring tutorial made by schetched soul, plain enough for me to follow.

Unfortunately I didn't have time to make it a bit more interesting with applications or reversable or with a quilted backing. This just'll have to do and next time I must start sooner!

1 comment:

Crafty Mama said...

Mon, you are amazing! Still crafting, even with the new bub! Gorgeous gift!