Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Daffodils in Fall

I got an order from a friend to paint her daffodils on her Damask tablecloth. All four corners as well as floating daffodils in the middle. It was quite a job; the Damask was difficult to paint on as the soft hairs on it were offering some resistance when painting so I had to use more paint to soak them before they surrendered. I think I don't want to see daffodils (or yellow for that matter except the sun!) until Spring next year. The result was really impressive though the photo's are a bit disappointing.

This week I really must paint a couple of bags (nearly finished one this morning) and make 3 gifts(of which 2 are loooooong overdue)!

Oh and I made hedgehogs and mushrooms during lunch time with the girls. After they have dried we want to paint them and then I'll show you the photo's. Hang on.

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