Sunday, 02 September 2007

Berry? Berry who?

Yesterday with went to a members' day of the "Giraffen pas of the Avro". We could stay until 9 in the evening.
This day was at Safari Park Beekse Bergen where one could walk, have a boat trip and a car safari. Beautiful park/zoo and animals have laaaarge areas to move freely.
I walked pass these berries (shown on photo) and they caught my eye, I don't know what they're called and who is eating them but they're lovely.
Aren't they the berries you enjoy with meaty dinners? Let me know if you recognise them.
I also saw the berries the tea/hot drink was made from in the Viking Village in Denmark. There they gave us the Danish name for it, the German name and have shown me the bush but I could only see it is a berry and the second word in the German name which was "beer" from the word Berry.
I'll look for a pic and call in your expertise ok?

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