Sunday, 09 September 2007

I've been tagged

Violet, the sweet hearted crafter has tagged me, so go and check out her blog. She deserves that he-he-hi-hi-haaa! Vi have you seen I have a Q in my name?! Will have to knock on the dictionary's door with this one lol Oh I see I can relax we're doing this in English lol
Ok let's see:

M indful
O verview, I love to have an overview
N itrate. I guess I'm a bit salty which can be tasty,useful,preserving&healing and also ouchy
I nquisitive
Q uiet, I love the sounds of silence
U nique, definitely. Two of my kind would've been too much lol
E njoy truly beautiful things, how minute or impressive, and to create

Oh like Vi, I think I'll tag just 3. Now to go and look for whom to tag...


Violet said...

Well,you did well with it Mon..considering you do have a Q in your name. hehe

monART said...

Yes Violet ;-) but it was quite fun to do ;-)Thank you for taging me.