Friday, 21 September 2007

It takes two crows

I got a swap order for two crows from YeOldeCrowShoppe for two crow paintings. I ordered the handmade crafts in my previous entry and in return got and order for the paintings. Each add shipping to the total price and then maybe there is no need for money transfers. This is what I call and order swap. Love it. This time I had to pay the difference. This would be a nice idea to do more often, stimulate each other and doing a swap order so no or less money transfers.

The crow above is based on the common carrion crow in Europe and the crow below is based on the pied crow (white breasted crow-free translation for South African name) we have in South Africa.

I can only show my complete projects after they are received by their buyers otherwise I would steal their supprise moment. So they see it first and then I share it with you. These paintings are 20x20cm painted on 3D canvas and painted with acryl paint. I've added finishing touches with gold,silver and glitter and sprayed it with a fixative for protection. These crows are my first and after I've drawn it I asked my 5 year old what it was. Her reply was: crows. So they passed the test as recognisable as the colours are of course my creative expression. Fun to paint and received well:"I can't stop looking at the crow paintings. lol They SO make me smile. :-)"

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Violet said...

They are just the best!:-) Everyone should have a "MonART" original I reckon. hehe You are so talented Mon. :-) And thank you for the links...enjoyed reading about the different crows.