Thursday, 06 September 2007


Last week I've placed some orders to restock on fabric paint and some VERY cute Japanese fabrics.
This morning started really bad: headache and nausea...ugh migraine on its way.

I took the children too school, walked the dog and fell back into bed. Luckily I could manage to sleep and the alarm clock woke me up:
it is the singing of a blackbird. Wonderful way to wake up.
Anyway I had to run to help at school for an hour and a half, walked the dog and went to another appointment, feeling a bit numb but surely better.

When I came home....aaaaah
two packages were delivered!
Here are the fabric paint, liner, a butterfly stencil and a rubber stamp. I've ordered this from a shop in Belgium. Oooh la laaah, creativity here I come.

The Japanese fabric I ordered via Etsy.
Oh I can't wait to make something with this!
Isn't it adorable? Little mushrooms, moles, deer, flowers, acorns and hedgehogs


Violet said...

ooooh nice goodies Mon...Loving those Japanese Fabrics...SO cute!!

Crafty Mama said...

Oh Mon, sorry about the migraine. I can sympathise. Now, this fabric...totally gorgeous. I can't wait to see how it ends up!

Violet said...

Mon..I have name tagged you..check out my blog for details. I hope you don't mind. LOL