Thursday, 20 September 2007

Supporting other crafters

By supporting other crafters we stimulate homemade stuff. Like art we put something of our self into each craft we make with our hands and give it something special. We help each other to grow in what we do and expand ourselves: trying new things we thought we weren't able to do and jack up our confidence.

Ok I'll cut to the chase: I bought stuff from another crafter just to spoil myself!
*But there is truth in what I said, so considere it ;-) *

I've bought self made things from Violet's Ozztion Shop: click here and
she has some more at her Etsy shop: click here
and she wrapped it with so much care and I was just such a joy to open the parcel and unpack everything.
The two crayon roll-ups (crayons included) are just such cute gifts for girls. The country lady will hold my plastic bags neatly in one place. My 5 year old picked-up the doll and played with it as a hand doll ;-)
My mom used to be subscribed to Country life mag but as we're separated by 10 000kms I treated myself to my own mag. 2nd hand and cheap but with all the projects of a new one! Violet has some more...

Oh and then Violet was so kind to added a supprise to my parcel. I didn't won the August competition but she thought to send me a small supprise. Well she made my day!

This is what I got:

The most cute fabrics packed in a bag saying:
sharing just comes naturally to those who really care.
The photo doesn't show the fabric so well, especially the one with the cranes which is awesome. I've never seen anything like it before. The cute fabrics definitely are always most welcome!
Thank you very much Violet.
*Violet is a crafty mama too*

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