Tuesday, 02 October 2007

Catty pyjama bag

One of the girls had to go to a birthday party. I wanted to make something for the birthday girl. I stumbled across the plastic bag idea to make a pyjama bag. So the birthday girl can stuff her pyjamas under the kitty's dress, the kitty stays on the girl's bed and so the pyjamas are neat and easy to find when it is bedtime.

I had fun making the kitty and decided to give her two sides: so on the one side she is sleepy and on the other side she's wide awake. I've used the modern dotted fabric and the purple fun fabric (Violet's suprise gift to me) to make the kitty cat. The girls love her and want their own. Chanah wants a puppy so I'm definitely going to make her again with a few adjustments.

Read more about pyjama bags at Woof Nanny's blog.
I had a handed down(from my aunt) pink cat with a broken zipper

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