Thursday, 04 October 2007

mushrooms,hedgehogs,berries and leaves

The girls and I made hedgehogs, leaves and mushrooms with DAS clay. These are my creations, theirs are at theirs school as a part of a Autumn table.
It was really fun to make and to paint with Acryl paint.
I took the photo in our garden an for additional colour I added some picked berries(they're real!).
Today I saw the most awesome gathering of mushrooms.
I was on my way with my dd of 6 who fell in gym class on her mouth...
one broken tooth, one milk tooth the dentist had to remove and 2 huge cuts in her lip. From 5 places blood came and I can just say it looked like a slaughter.
She's ok now but it will take some days to heal and she's eating difficult at the moment and can't pronounce the letter "p". Next week she'll go again to the dentist to fix her broken tooth.
Anyway I was on my way from the dentist to the doctor with her and we took a short cut. Oh my! we saw these huge red mushrooms with white spots. The bigges I've ever seen. Oh so beautiful!
I just know them as "the red mushrooms with the white spots"
but this afternoon my 5 year old came home and told me she knew their name: "vliegenzwam" in Dutch
anyway if I translate it direct it is fly fungi I think. Well so now I have to go and surf and see what it is called in English. Oh I see in English it is called fly mushroom. So now we know that too and the name coms aparantly because it is used for killing flies.

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Beth said...

you gotta come to Zetten and see the mushrooms we have growing in our yard. They aren't red and white polk-a-dot (where where THEY for the dottie birthday party this summer?!) but they are pretty amazing...

hope d is ok! I guess that's a fast way to lose another milk tooth.