Monday, 19 March 2007

More rain More mud More fun

For my husband's b-day I've surprised him with a 4 hour adventure drive.
I was the navigator and the paparazzi ;-)
In his Birthday card I wrote: "The adventure starts in your own country",
which is of course The Netherlands ;-) it is just to get him into the right gear
for the adventure in my country: South Africa ;-)

Maybe then when I did a quiz it is not a supprise that I turn out to drive a 4x4

next time is my turn hubby!

You Should Drive a Toyota FJ Cruiser

A true adventurer, you're always up for trying the latest new thing.
And you need a car that will take you anywhere, because there are no roads where you're going!

1 comment:

Mich said...

Haha wat supertof!
Nog gefeliciteerd en bedankt voor de inspiratie!
XX Mich