Wednesday, 14 March 2007

No ugly ducklings only beautiful swans

This morning I drove the scenic route to a friend. I saw the storks have arrived and are busy Spring cleaning their nest. Then I passed the beautiful green grass that I, as a South African, appreciate so much. It looked delicious and the swans down the road thought so too. I love seeing them as in South Africa it is a bird I associate with Europe and fairy tales.
The swans near the road didn't appreciate me taking photos of them so gathered their skirts and turned their backs on me.

What a pity, as they were really close to the road but behind a wired fence so I wasn't able to get closer for a better picture.

The sky has turned grey again as I'm typing this I'm relieved I have evidence that the sun did shine this morning!

1 comment:

Beth said...

ugh. What is happening here? Such a lovely week, and now it's just gray, gray, gray...

Your pictures make me smile, though. Thanks!