Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Fjords and Friesians

The name of the blog suggests a Monday in a cold Scandinavian country. Everything but true!

Yesss! I've really enjoyed my Monday;
The sun was shining the WHOLE day

I was asked on Sunday if I'd like to come back on Monday to the school with the Safari theme. Of course I'd like to come back and speak about Africa! So on Monday morning I drove to Bennekom(15kms from here) to tell about life in Africa (for 45min). It is so easy to talk about something you love.

Then I took the scenic route and took pictures of the Fjords. One was very shy and walked away when he saw my camera and returned to his spot when I walked back to the car. Luckily for me the other horse ignored me flat. Here is a photo to show your their beautiful markings:

Golden delicious ;-)

Ok then I got into my car and drove to the next pair of horses I wanted to capture for eternity. The beautiful Friesian horses. Compared to the Fjords they're swans. Huge, very elegant and proud.

I had to step on it to get in time to the school to have some lunch with the girls. After walking with them back to school I went to buy some groceries. On my return I passed a nature reserve and as I had 30minutes to spare I just couldn't drove past. So I took my camera and went in search of the Galloways, deer and the Konik horses for a nice sunny picture. The horses and the deer were in a rest area where people aren't allowed. I stuck to the trail but could see them enjoying the sun. I did have some luck, a couple of Galloways were resting in the shade near me and then I saw it! Calves! A baby near me, almost didn't see it because it was resting against its mom and they're all black and hairy so it looked like one animal. And then on the grassy plain I saw 3 more with their moms. What a nice surprise:The front one is a bull, you can see that by the shape of his head. When he stood up it was confirmed ;-)

May day ended with spending some time with the girls in the back yard. Cleaning up the traces of winter. Ok Chanah and I did the cleaning and Danae sat on a chair making comments...

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