Wednesday, 07 March 2007

Tuesday's child

Is full of grace...
I had to decide what I was going to paint on my 40x50x2cm white canvas.
I've agreed with me, myself and I to paint a Waterbuck.
They are beautiful.

This is the left eye

I've painted with
oil paint and brush

The Waterbuck is an antelope found in Central to Southern Africa. Their height: 100-130cm at the shoulder and they are heavy: weighing 160-240kgs. Their jackets are reddish brown and turns darker as they age. They have white markings near their eyes, under their throats and a white circle round their tails. (For those of you being able to understand Dutch; we call them in Afrikaans: kringatte.) They are found near water but not in water as their name suggests. Their meat have an unpleasant taste so they will only fall to prey if the lions are verrrry hungry and there is no "vicdonalds" (as my youngest calls it), around. The girls don't have horns so it is up to their perfume and size to stay out of harm's way.

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