Monday, 05 March 2007

Today is a good day to start again

I'm over my mourning period... I suffered the loss of my previous blog. It was a rosemary of hobby blogs and then a hacker came in with a battle axe and shred our blogs to pieces.
I was devastated, I've searched between the debris for some recognizable piece of evidence of one of my blog entries...nothing survived. Nothing. I didn't make clones so I have no evidence of what I've done last year. Nothing.
I will start again.
Roll up my sleeves and put some cream on my hands and type again.

This blog is for sharing what I've done as a creative person.

We are all born creative.
We all do something with our creativity.
It is a pity that most of us buried our creativity and claimed not to have known it at all.
Maybe when you read the blog, you think "I can do that too", well probably you can!
So why not try it and ride the waves of creativity.
There is only one condition: don't be afraid to find what is inside of you.

Hope to see you soon

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