Friday, 09 November 2007

Zizi's crocheted bodywarmer

This is zizi. This month she'll turn 2 on the 22nd. Her father was a mini Maltese and her mother a normal sized one so I guess she ends up being a M size ;-) I take her to the doggy parlour for a trim 3-4 times a year. It seems then that we have 2 dogs; when she's shaves she looks very mini and French and then in a month's time her hair is already longer and she turns into a mini boomer. I looked for a cute suitable not too glamourace name like Fifi and then ended up with Zizi. I stumbled on the name when watching the South African movie Duma,about a boy and his Cheetah. Then I asked a friend of mine then living in Botswana to give me the meaning of zizi. Zizi is the name given to mosquitoes in a native tongue in Botswana and Namibia. It means unseen power. (I guess because the mosquitoes they refer to travels in clouds) Ok it is not very flattering to the dog but she is very small and she has a lot of nerve for such a wee thing. She absolutely hates big dogs and constantly pulls at her leash like a husky when we let take her for a walk and she sees a big dog. The Benner Senner of people living down the street is her favourite target. She actually goes for his throat and the noises she makes seems like she already swallowed 3 quarters of him. Very embarrassing.
Anyway in Hungarian Zizi is a diminutive of Elizabeth. The girls coming to visit my daughters love her and calls her Sissi (the Empress of Austria). Girls love the cartoon version. So all ends well ;-)

Anyway what I actually wanted to share was that she got shaved again and as we have cold weather (when not?) I decided to crochet a body warmer for her. I started out making this one but got lost at the "Middle". I think I've crocheted it on the wrong side. Then I continued with side 2 and then I totally abandoned the pattern and crocheted away. It has a halter on her lower breast so it won't move around. I've also made it shorter so it won't get too dirty on the walks and she only needs it for her upper body. Well, I like it, the girls like it and Zizi couldn't care. At least she's one snazzy doggy now ;-)

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Monique said...

Oh Mon wat is Zizi toch een scheetje om te zien :-))
Lekker warm voor haar in de winter.

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