Friday, 09 November 2007

quatro fun order

Michelle (Crafty Mama) asked me to paint her two bags with sea creatures in greens and blues. So I've done that with lot of enjoyment. 2 bags with 4 different scenes. I used a lot of pearl paint to give a nice effect.
Then as I was busy she asked me to add another bag. She's making a quilt with fun animals and a lot of dots I believe (can't wait to see the finished quilt). She asked if I can paint a zebra in lime and purple and add dots. Well, how exciting...I'll used the dotted effect more as I had a lot of fun.

Then...she asked me if I can paint a bag for her mom. Mom loves bluebirds, gulls and bishops. So..I had to look up a bluebird as I've never heard about them. They seem a lot like a red robin to me ;-) apart from the colour of course! I decided to do the blue and the red birds ;-) really enjoyed it and when crazy on the background.
Thanx a million for this great order Michelle!
In total I've painted 4 bags but with 8 different scenes as the two sides of each bag is painted totally different! Please see my Flickr album for more photo's. Don't be afraid; enjoy the colours ;-)


Violet said...

AWESOME bags Mon...looked in your flickr too...LOVE them all. Great how you did 2 different paintings on each bag. :-)

monART said...

Thank you Violet, it is a lot of work but I just can't seem to ignore open spaces. I just have to splash them with colour and then one thing leads to another ;-)

Sketched Soul said...

Wow... these are just gorgeous! How much of the orignal bag fabric shows?? or is it all pretty much painted??

Take care
Love Farhana

monART said...

Dear Farhanna,
the whole bag is painted as it is an ordinary cotton tote which got a make-over ;-)

Sketched Soul said...

Thank you :)
I love your style of work. It is such an inspiration!