Monday, 12 November 2007

Felted Fun

Yesterday I've completed this filly with his two sides as part of the November Theme Challenge at Crafty Mamas: felty goodness

19x19cm felted fun!
I've added to his cute butt and to make him sparkle:
  • embroidery

  • buttons

  • studs

  • jewels

  • satin ribbon,

  • safety eyes and

  • blanket stitched it around with Cherise crochet yarn

  • crocheted his mane with fake fur (bought here)

Then I can share with you a swap I've had from Eccles. Do yourself a favour and visit her blog as she make the most gorgeous creations and is raising baby lovebirds. The theme of the swap was: "we don't have that here". After she forgot it in the back of her car and didn't send it for almost 2 months ;-) I got it and in my 2 seasons too late or 2 seasons too early Spring Clean, I mislaid it as I've totally reorganised my hobby room....

Ok, I've found it too take a photo and here it is:

  • 3 awesome Australian mags
  • 2 cuts of fabric
  • a sweet back pack
  • a koala label, a metal wombat, roo's clasping dolls, and a dolphin on a piece of shell


Monique said...

Oh Monique die paardjes wat schatig. Echt leuk gemaakt.

Groetjes en veel liefs van Monique

Bronwen said...

Miss C and Miss L want a pony. Any chance of a commission?

monART said...

Oh Bronwen yes, of course they're so cute. What did you have in mind? Would you like to pm me?
I'll find you at cm about this.

Funky Finds said...

love the ponies!