Friday, 16 November 2007

Too late or too early

I've at last sent my Dutch friend, named like me, her birthday gift (visit her beautiful site here). Her birthday was in April...
I wanted to give her something made and eventually made her a set of pot holders. I've crocheted it with orange/red mix (pity that the photo doesn't show it that well as it looks like fun) and red. I've added a cute ladybird and a dotted satin button (she likes the bugs, by the way I'm a huge fan too) and she had the option to choose between these colours and blue/lime.

She has a darling large black dog called Blacky and I've made this door knob hanger with his name around this dog's colour. (though some people thought this was a cat). I've embroidered the mouth with gold yarn and blanket stitched around with cherise metallic yarn (yes I'm not telling stories here it is just a bad photo). I've added on both sides studded flowers, bug buttons and beads. The string he is hanging on is a dotted ribbon from Farbenmix and Sun catcher safety eyes.

by the way, she likes her gift ;-)


UmmLayla said...

Your green swap partner here! Wow! You have some cool things on your blog. The painted bags are just great.

Monique said...

Hello Mon

No I don't like it. I love my gifts that you give me :-))
I have some much fun with the Doggie that You made for me. I will make soon a picture so you can see where the doggie hanging. I can see it always and when I make the door open and close than I hear the little bell. And that is so much fun. Every time I hear the Bells I must smile.
And I have already use me pot holders :-)) it's so great. And I'm So thankful for Your gift. Thanks Again Mon :-)

Greetings and Hugs, Monique

Violet said...

Love the Pot Holders Mon...they are so nice. :-)

Monique said...

Hallo Monique

Ik zou nog een foto laten zien waar hij hangt. Maar ik kan jammer genoeg geen html codes hier gebruiken om hem in te voegen of een link in te voegen.
Dus weet nu niet zo goed hoe ik het hier kan krijgen?

Groetjes en veel liefs van Monique

Kimberly said...

Great job on the potholders - they look lovely!!