Monday, 04 June 2007

They were not ready for me

On Saturday I went to the "Creamarkt" (creativity market) with my painted creations.

I worked quite hard and my husband even though he was dead tired on Friday night made holes and wire curls for my two country-hanging-things.

I was satisfied with my arrangement and Chanah was excited to help me the whole day.

But... I think my colours were to bright for the people with the money in their pockets. Oh and I think that all the young people were sleeping late (until 16:00) as the visitors were all 60+ I guess. Anyway they have no clue that their grandchildren and great grandchildren like funky colours ;-)

I did sell one item....

The little lamb that hubby helped me with the previous night. I then said to him leave it as I have enough to sell....luckily he did make it otherwise...

On the photo you're not able to see the nice wire curls my husband made for it to hang from. The little card slides under the lamb's chin, so it is possible to take it out. The funny thing is that they lady who bought the lamb thought that the words written on it was Fresian... but it was South African and I did tell her that ;-)

It says: Friendship is the fine art of giving with an open heart.

Then my friend came just before closing time for moral support and bought a painting and a table cloth! Now that is a true friend lol! When I came home my husband had cleaned the house for me and supprised me with a beautiful mixed bunch of pastell coloured Lisianthus (eustoma is the botanical name) flowers and a beautiful card with encouraging words. I just had to cry.

Well anyway now I have a lot of items for my Internet shop.

I am glad I did it and had nice chats and met a neighbour down the street who are an artist and I'll invite her for a visit ;-)


Michaela said...

you go girl!
we zijn heeeeel benieuwd naar jullie verhalen...

Beth said...

That's right! They WEREN'T ready for you! But, then again, is anyone ever ready for you? (hee hee) Your stuff is great - love the lamb you sold and the little lion that is pictured and so many other things you do!

Monique said...

Ach Monique wat jammer dat je zo weinig hebt verkocht en het ziet er zo ontzettend leuk uit. Die Tas die je voor mij hebt gemaakt gebruik ik bijna dagelijks. Ik heb er zo veel plezier van. Wat je maakt is gewoon schitterend. Waarschijnlijk was het gewoon niet het goede publik.

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