Thursday, 07 June 2007

flower power

What a nice but busy week.
In our town it is the "avondvierdaagse", 4 evenings and we (everybody who wants to and children from the primary schools) walk 5 km, some walk 10 km.
I walk with the two girls 4.5 and 6 yrs and they are doing good. We start at 18:30 and end at 20:00. As it is 4 days we will end today and it always ends with music and people waiting with flowers at the finish line. There are also medallions and so the girls are majorly excited.

On Tuesday we went to a wedding celebration after the walk... went to bed past midnight and we were all dead tired the next day but really enjoyed the wedding.
One of the gifts I gave the young bride was one of my painted tablecloths, she likes Blond Amsterdam.

ok I have to go and cook something for the bellies before we enjoy the last day.

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