Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Guess what we did on a Tuesday

Yes, we went to a theme park, one called the Efteling.
I've been there when I was 4/5 yrs of age and I'll be honest,
yesterday I was a little girl again ;-) Most of all I enjoyed the fairy tale forest with all the classic fairy tales.
It is situated in a beautiful forest and the trees are full of birds singing (real birds!)

This butterfly is sitting on the knee of long neck while he tells his story. Of course when you're in a fairy tale forest
you can't expect the (real) doves to be ordinary!

Want to peek into the little house of Mrs.Holle?
(I'm sure she's called by another name in English?)

Below you can visit the scenery of the little match girl.
The story is too sad for me so I didn't go inside.
I'm sure you know the story about the frog prince,
well here below was an interesting water feature with the golden ball. We were able to visit everything we liked as there were almost no waiting in cues. We went on a perfect day! We spent 7 hours in the park so needless to say we were quite ready for our beds at the end of the day.

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