Tuesday, 26 June 2007

a shot of colour on a grey day

I thought I'd make photo's of the linnen bags I've painted a couple of weeks ago. It is officially summer now but sadly enough the sun is not rizing to the occasion. I can really use some sun.

Below you can see a hippo and some dragonflies (who look more like mosquitoes).

On the back of the bag you can see(no you can't!)

the hippo's backside with some more draguitoes.

I've painted a guinea-fowl, quite common where my parents live in SA.

I think she is thinking of eating one of the draguitoes coming from the hippo.

Hippo will be happy. On the back I've painted large (freehand style) flowers with more flying feathers. Maybe a caracal caught one of the Guineas.

The turquoise and the red are painted with a metallic paint which gives a nice effect.

Here you can see just part of the giraffe.

She's surrounded by metallic butterflies (stamped too like the draguitoes)

At the back you can see her tail side ;-) and some more butterflies or are they margarineflies?

On all the bags I've used gold and copper liners to create a nice effect, see for yourself:

That was it, I still have to make photo's of the 10 paintings.

The techniques used and this type of hobby is very common in South Africa.

It is just so you know that!

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