Thursday, 31 May 2007

a is for animal

Here are some photo's taken by us on holiday:
this fellow below is a warthog (Vlakvark in Afrikaans because it is a pig -vark- found on the savanna - vlakte), very funny animals. They have manes and legs like deer and when they run their tails are like aerials. Oh and they have a face that only a mother can love.

We've rented a house in a reserve where the animals can come on your doorstep, and it is not advised to take a walk ;-)

This here is a kudu (Koedoe in Afrikaans), very shy and impressive animal. The females don't have horns. They're found in areas with shrubs and when the males flee they put their heads up so their horns lay on their backs and don't get tangled in the branches.
Isn't this cute: Hippo family basking in the sun. Hippo's are called seekoeie in Afrikaans (seacow), I think it has something to do with the Nile river looking like the sea and them looking like big cows. Maybe it is from "look! I see a cow in the water?" Though "hippo" is the stem word for the Greek word for horse..... so a river horse would have been a better word though of course then we get totally confused! lol

I've been busy the whole day painting linnen bags, 3 of them, and one tablecloth. Now I have to go and finish another tablecloth....

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