Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Sunflowers in May

Yes, usually sunflowers are seen in August,

I must know because then it is my birthday

and I'm spoiled rotten with these sunny flowers!

I work as a volunteer for an organisation called the "Zonnebloem"
the Dutch word for sunflower.
The Zonnebloem visit people who tend to isolate or are isolated from social contacts because of sickness or old age. They started a new campaign in May and asked beginning of this year if there are volunteers and guests(people who are visited) who are interested to be "models" and if so to send a photo. I sent mine in a funny mood and got picked.
As I've never done a photo shoot before (or anyone else for that matter) I was quite nervous and as always got picked as the first to be captured for ever. To help myself to relax I made funny jokes which helped the rest to relax and we've had a great afternoon.
On the photo at the top the theme is: young and old
we took the photo in a park and 2 ladies passing by thought we were getting married lol!
If you're Dutch please click here and support the Zonnebloem
Usually I'm the paparazzi taking the photo's on holiday and at home, so I have actually terribly few evidence that I've ever been outside my room. No, I don't even have photo's taken in my room, silly you!
My husband refuses to take photo's on commando as it is my vision it is my job to take them he recons.
So now I don't care if the Zonnebloem uses my photo's in a folder, as a thumbnail or on a billboard...
I've received them all on CD and have nothing to complain anymore!
My husband got away this time ;-)

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