Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Flora fox as wisteria wolf :)

When I saw the Flora Fox fabric from Farbenmix I just COULDN'T resist! Though I had a stash I just HAD TO add 1m of foxy deliciousness. To make up for my backsliding behaviour I've used 2 fabrics from my stash (winter stenso range from I don't know which year). I got the stenso fabric in a suprise box and wasn't happy with it in the beginning but then Flora arrived.

I also saw this pattern on youcanmakethisand it just invites one to use it! The pattern I'm tlaking about is the Audrey ruffle skirt .I love ruffles, I love the author of this pattern's creations and I just have millions of ideas what to do on that front panel/apron.

The check apron seperate from the front panel. The fabric below the apron is a corduroy.
I cheated a bit and used(at last!) a farbenmix ribbon of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf for a finishing touch on the apron and on the top ruffle at the back:

At the back I've only made three ruffles on the pattern you can make up to six! I adore ruffles but am not that eager when it comes to sewing them.

I've used too much flash on the photo's which is a pity because the colours are vivid and a wealth to look at.
I've finished the skirt just in time for my parents-in-law's 40th marriage celebration.

Flora Fox just invites one making snazzy creations.
  • Check out Sara's jounal cover at WillowandMoo.
  • Peta treated herself with this neat Flora Fox embroidery on a skirt at Onelittlestitch
  • please if you have a flora fox creation leave a comment and share the fun!


The Handmaden said...

That is so very cute Mon!

Tas said...

Stunning Mon.

Marietjie said...

The skirt is too cute for words. Very nifty :-)