Tuesday, 07 December 2010

painting on glass

Every season or festival/happening I paint on the primary school's windows or glass paneled doors. It is tricky because it is ordinary school acryl paint I'm painting with and not glass paint. It is very difficult to clean and time consuming. I ussualy clean and paint 2.5 hours at a time with a todler walking around me. I paint free hand and quick otherwise it would be a half day job! The result is the best it can be and anyway I only paint because nobody else wants to! lol

these below were for the headmaster when it was the month of her going away.
and the cupcake is giant 80x80cm

These ones below where for St.Nicholas. A celebration here in The Netherlands (Belgium and Germany) on the 5th of December

He rides on a white horse and his coloured helpers have Spanish clothes with a feather in the barette.

This deer I painted in the main hall and he is 1.5mx1.5m for fall 2010. It is very difficult to paint with ordinary Acryl on glass. What made this cute was when the sun shone from the back it created a nice colourplay


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