Friday, 16 April 2010

March, time for another post

I've tried Bea three years ago and completely mixed it up so it had no front pocket, no clocking arms and no hood. But it ended cute anyway because of the fabric I used. This time the fabric wasn't that beautiful or easy to work with but I did tackle the pattern and now feel more comfortable with it.

ok I've at last taken the photo's of the finished Farbenmix top called Bea
the fabric is not really what I would've wanted but I had it already for a couple of years and wanted to get rid of it. I added some brighness to the (what I found) dull colours with green velours in the hood and the crown pocket. The hood is actually so creatively cut so but now well seen on the photo's and because of the fabric colours so I added very large orange buttons on the end of the hood.


sorry for the VERY dark photo's

ps. oh and the promised photo's of the ruffled scarf I've knitted:

The ruffled yarn seemed very complicated to knit and if I didn't have a youtube example the yarn would've ended up in a dark corner. Once I've got the hang of it, and that was supprisingly quick, it is really simple and quick to knit. I've knitted with a two coloured yarn.

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