Sunday, 09 May 2010

ahw isn't she cute!

April Swap at Crafty Mamas and I ended up with the most cutes Elephant South and North of the Saharah!
I was so fortunate to have Tas as my swap partner so please have a look at her blog Little Boozle. Here she blogged and posted photo's of the little one before the great voyage to Europe from Down Under :) and do visit her shop at Little Boozle at the Marketplace. Tax, thanx again for this little sweety!

ps. Note the little heart between her eyes, now aint that cute!


Tas said...

Glad that she made it safely to you Mon and that you have given here a good home. My pleasure.

Kat said...

Awwww - she is gorgeous! Good work Tas! Great score Mon!

monART said...

Tas i'm getting a lot of comments on that little critter. Everybody LOVES her and is very impressed about how you got to stuff her that stiff! Even my daughter (7) commented on it as she's stuffing the softies I make her :)