Friday, 25 March 2011

Recycling jeans into a bag

I've been wanting to do this/try this for a VERRRRY looooooooooong time and this past Wednesday I've done it! And did some Wednesday sewing (yeah Crafty Mamas!). I actually kept these Hello Kitty pants to mend the knees but never got to it and in the meantime my kids out grew it. But I wasn't in dispair as I've had a plan B -grin- ok a plan C because plan B was to cut off the legs and use it as shorts...
As it is a size 116 it turned out a sort of clutch purse with long handles :)
I've added left over zpagetti for fun because MY NAME IS MONIQUE AND I LOVE ZPAGETTI!

The crocheted flowers are from a spring swap at swap-bot

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