Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Happy Ending

Once upon a time.....

Last year in November I've joined the swap bot an participated for the first time. I'm such a swap addict. Anyway, it works like this. I searched out a cute swap where I as a newby without any past swap history at swap bot, could join. I've found a lovely sheep swap: I heart sheep.
I joined a made an adorable package for my swap partner with sheep stuff. I threw it on the post and couldn't wait for mine. My swap partner received my package and gave me a nice rating for it. Thanx partner. Well and I waited for my package from Sugarsunshine. And waited and waited. I made excuses for it being late: international post, Christmas, new year, etc. Well, no package and then as I went to have another look at my partner's profile (a different person sends to me than the one a sent to) it seemed she had a good rating, then joined a couple of swaps and then turned rotten. She had a lot of open swaps, moi included. Ahhhhh I kept my hopes up high but to no avail. Well, of all my succeeded swaps this was the first turned bad. Always a first time....I guess. Then beginning of this year fluffywelshsheep(her blog), the coordinator of the swap, contacted me with a message:
"hiya monart, if you get flaked on again (which i hope you don't) at all try to contact the person in charge and they get back to you quicker :). I would have got back to you soon if i had had email via swap bot or a comment on my profile etc :)"
well I guess I was too hopeful and next time will mail very soon ;-)
anyway dear fluffywelsheep found me a swap angel. someone who is such a angel as to send the swap package someone (like me) missed because of a bad swapper.
I got a message from an angel Caam(her blog):
"Hi Monart! I will be "angeling" for you for this swap! I will be sending out by the end of the weekend. I am so sorry you were flaked on for this, your very first swap". This sweet hearted angel was so bubbly and yesterday received an over abundantly package which really made this swap worthwhile and unforgettable. Woweeee I was spoiled:

She sent this package with a very nice letter telling me about the contents. The sheep stuff comes from Maryland Sheep and Wool.

  • One cute t-shirt for me
  • one cute t-shirt for baby (I told her I was preggies in my excitement)
  • a sheep and wool mug
  • a sheep and wool key chain
  • a cute woolly black sheep (handcrafted in Vietnam )with the words attached to it: There is one in every family

Then Added was this (I was stunned by the generosity):

This dear angel was a photo organising consultant and sent me some VERY helpfull ideas and tools!

  • 2 black/white photo pencils for writing on the back of photo's without damaging them
  • 4 concertina files to make organising easier (the dark blue "booklets")
  • 2 corner cutters!
  • 2 photo polishing cloths
  • Notes + lots of tags and stuff for christmas memories for scrapbooking
  • notes + lots of tags and stuff with fruit theme for scrapbooking
  • Lot of notes named "croptalk" with great ideas for organising photo's

so much even without the photo organising stuff I would've been overly glad or even if I just got the photo stuff I would've been quite spoiled.

Thank you for making this swap something special!

I'll send you postcards from South AFrica and The NL ;-)

big hug to Caam!

And all live happily ever After

The end


Anonymous said...

glad you like the swap :)

Violet said...

Oh what a lovely swap package. :-) Lucky you.

CarrieM said...

You're very welcome M! I'm so glad you like it! Check out for the tee shirts (they have tons of them) and Lantern Moon makes the tape measures. They make all sorts of stuff, actually, nice stuff!

Kylie said...

What a lovely package to receive!

Creamon said...

Oh wat ben je lekker verwend Monique. Heerlijk. :-)

Groetjes en veel liefs van Monique

Anonymous said...

So glad you got angeled! What a great package!