Monday, 10 March 2008

Easter Swap at Craftymamas

I had such a welcome supprise on this grey, cold, rainy and windy Monday!
I've received my Easter Swap at CraftyMamas from 2spunkymonkeys (see her blog here).
Oh how cute:
  1. one adorable soft and green fabric with little chicks
  2. blue ric rac
  3. blue ribbon
  4. pink pom-pom fringe
  5. blue pom-pom fringe
  6. a cute booklet with 1000 Easter stickers
  7. a chocolate/plaster of Paris mold with bunnies
  8. 9 purple heart buttons
  9. multicolored daisy trim
  10. one very soft and lovely baby vest with 3 little ducklings
Oh how lovely,
thank you very much Spunky!
(I hope she receives my package in time for this year's Easter)


Peta said...

What a gorgeous swap parcel, lucky you! I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with those bits and pieces.

I've tagged you on my blog too. :)

Claire said...

Oh Mon, so glad it arrived!! I would have squished more in, but postage is rather ridiculous for overseas!! Happy Easter!!