Monday, 06 August 2007


Today I went with the girls to a strip of beach at the Rhine river.
*A river of western Europe formed by the confluence of two tributaries in eastern Switzerland and flowing about 1,319 km (820 mi) north and northwest through Germany and the Netherlands to its two-pronged outlet on the North Sea. It is a major commercial shipping waterway linked by canals to other important European rivers and passes through a number of scenic valleys.*

Behind the sail boat you can see the dyke.
*The word dike is associated with the Netherlands "dijk", where dikes were built as early as the 12th century.A dike (or dyke) is an artificial earthen wall, constructed as a defense or as a boundary. It is also known in American English as a levee. The best known form of dike is a construction built along the edge of a body of water, to prevent it from flooding onto an adjacent lowland.*

I forgot a watch but luckily I had
the Cunera tower to check the time.
I took a crochet pattern to try out from Jo-Ann Idea
Just a little rosette. This way I was able to try out
something; keeping one eye on the girls and one eye on my hands:

For the rest I've worked on my mother's gift that I should finish this week

to be able to post it in time for her birthday.

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