Friday, 10 August 2007

Huge Horse...

Have I ever told you I drive a two seater?

Well, before you get green

it is not exactly a sports car

but you have to be very special to drive one of these

not anyone qualifies

you have to
  • have escaped the rat race
  • like to drive the scenic routes
  • totally be able to stay away from highways
  • be able to stop to smell the roses along the way
  • Have a solid identity and not care what other people thinks
  • not have a driver's liscence

This car is only allowed to go 45km/h max


it does have:

  • cd player in which I play loud rock music to disguise the engin noise
  • automatic sun roof
  • central locking
  • electric windows
  • mags
  • black and silver
  • easily loads 2 crates of beer
  • keeps me from getting drenched by the rain (we do live in the NL)
  • it is still faster than walking, cycling or a horse ;-)

I have a South African Flag as bumper sticker because

  • It is a beautiful flag
  • black as a background really compliments the colours
  • the Swiss may have their impressive watches but we Africans do have the time!

by the way in defense of the car;

the horse IS enormous,

it is some kind of Belgian Draft horse

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