Thursday, 16 August 2007

I can brake the vow of silence

" Now turn around and face us hands in the air,
you're surrounded!"
"Looks innocent to me, what do you think?"
For the crafty Mama july swap the theme was Recycled item.
It was my first swap and I was quite nervous.
Needend be.
I've crocheted this one from black garbage bags (unused), yellow and red bags from Kruidvat and blue bags from some expensive shop.
His eyes was made from beads I had from an ancient wooden beaded fly curtain a friend had.
I drew some pupils on them.
I know his feet look like they've been burnt by a hot roof...
I've stuffed him with bags.
While I was crocheting I raked my mind to give this frankenstein a little hope for love
If you're ugly you must have character and humour certainly helps.
When he was finished being crocheted and had eyes he already looked better
I didn't shave him but gave him a Smurf hankerchief (the girls') as a bandanna
I tied the card round his neck and then
had so much fun I though I'd make him a knapsack from felt I've been planning to do something with for 5+ years.
In there is the bounty money: Different European cents.
foreign looking type of guy
I thought he was picked up by the highway police but
he survived the trip to Ausralia and
I've received a absolutely cheery report from my swap partner Violet!
Lot of fun
We all fell in love with that rough fellow,
under all that black is a heart ready to spread some laughter!

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