Wednesday, 01 April 2009

Little bag

Another b-day gift and I started the sewing part and hour before the party started....
of course I could have had this done 2 weeks ago...

but there is propably no kick just like working towards a deadline lol

I'm also way behind on other gifts so I really have to pull up my socks and start sewing away.

My cold is almost gone, baby has her 2 teeth(!), the most of the ceiling work is done (dh) so I hope I can get back into the creative mood and just start.

No shortage of idea or statsh anyway lol

The back looks like this:

I was in such a hurry making this that drew nothing but just started cutting and sewing away. I couldn't find my magic pen anyway....

I've added in the bag a little box to make a pudding from Lillifee.

Lillifee is from Germany and my youngest dd just adores her. Her mother too lol!


Sara said...

It's so sweet Mon!

Claire said...

Not bad for an hour Mon - I just love the little snail - it is so cute!!